Air Freight Service

Import or Export by Air Freight

We specialize in air cargo service in partnership with both domestic and international service providers and deliver your cargo to major destinations around the world at a highly competitive price.With our electronic document exchange system, we offer our service in a more accurate, efficient, and stable manner.

Air Freight & Multimodal Transport Service
(Door to Door, Express)
Project Cargo
(Product Equipments, Heavy Goods, Over Size Cargo)
Special Cargo Transportation
(Special Equipment, DG cargo, Foods, Living Things)
Exhibition Cargo
(One-stop service including ATA CARNET)
Triangle Shipment / Issuing the Switch AWB

▣ YJ.Lee / Managing Director
Air Freight Service

▣ HU.Kim / Sales Manager
Air Freight Service

▣ Sarang.Jang / Operations Manager
Air Freight Service